The Gljúfursárfoss is an awesome waterfall with a single drop of approximately 45 meters, easy to reach, not far from Vopnafjörður in the east of Iceland (Austurland).

From Vopnafjörður drive south to the airport on road 917 (Hildarvegur) and keep on following the fjord. After 15 kilometers you will cross the river Gljúfursá where you can see the top of the Gljúfursárfoss.

Park the car along the road (gps 65.745356, -14.674257) and walk towards the sea where you will have an awesome view on this powerful waterfall, Gljúfursárfoss. There is a manmade platform from where you will have the best viewpoint.

Here the river Gljúfursá ends in the ocean with a single drop of appr. 45 meters. There aren’t so many waterfalls ending (almost) directly in the Ocean. It is a quite unknown waterfall, but Gljúfursárfoss is a detour worthwhile.

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About Gljúfursárfoss

CountryWaterfalls in Iceland
LocationVopnafjörður (Norður-Múlasýsla)
Best visitSummer

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