Gloppefossen is one of the biggest waterfalls in Aust Agder, Norway and is located north of Valle, near Flateland along road Rv9.

Driving on road Rv9, north of Valle there is a parking along the road, 3,6 kilometer north of the junction with road Rv45 (gps: 59.269707, 7.467855). Actually there is a small road going to the road but it is prohibited for cars to drive further.

Gloppefossen is easy to reach from the small parking (appr. 8 cars) along road 9. In the beginning the path is wide, runs through a forrest and goes slightly up in the beginning. At the end of the path there is a turn around and becomes more and more a walking trail, but still easy to do. Soon the path joins the river Veiåni. The surrounding becomes more scenic and after a short while you already see the 120 meter high Gloppefossen. At this point we walked appr. 35 minutes.

Along the trail there were many trees blowen away by a severe storm. We couldn’t think of some other reason except of bevers…..

Gloppefossen-trailStill you have to walk for a little while before arriving at the bottom of Gloppefossen. After crossing the river and walking towards the waterfall you arrive at the most beautiful part of the valley. Here you have to cross rivers without bridges or any other kind of help. The only help are stones and trees lying in the water.

After crossing the river 4 times you finally arrive at the bottom of Gloppefossen. Best viewpoint for photographing Gloppefossen is from a distance when you see all of the waterfall. Coming closer taking pictures get less impressive.

In periods of heavy rain is may be not possible to cross the river but don’t be afraid: the most scenic view you will have at one of the first crossings.

New pedestrian bridge. Picture provided by

The walk was easy and is also suited for children. In total it took us 60 minutes from the car to the bottom of the waterfall with an altitude difference of 175 meter in 3 kilometer (see the picture).
In the summer of 2017 a new pedestrian bridge was openen which provided an even more easier access to Gloppefossen.

When staying in the Setesdal, in the south of Norway, a walk to Gloppefossen waterfall is a must to do. Gloppefossen is one of the biggest waterfalls in the south of Norway and certainly one of the most beautiful waterfall in the south.


Gloppefossen is a great looking waterfall in the river Veiåni with a total height of 120 meter. The source of the river lies at lake Husebøvatnet at an altitude of 812 meter and lake Torvikvatnet at an altitude of 839 meter. Both lake are being drained with melted snow and rainwater from several mountaintops: Torvikheii, Grasdalsheii, Kaldheimsheii and several other mountaintops further in the valley with height up to 1.284 m (Napuren).

Best time to visit the waterfall is late spring/early summer or after a period of rainfall. Gloppefossen is falling towards the west/north west, so for taking pictures the morning is perfect. Sometimes a total height of 280 meter is mentioned on the Internet, but that is a little exaggerated.

The name Gloppe is probably diverted from the word glipe meaning narrow passage. At the top of the waterfall the river Veiåni is quit narrow.

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About Gloppefossen

RegionAust Agder
LocationFlateland, Valle (Setesdal)
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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