Gregorčičev Slap

(Slap Volarja)

Slap Gregorčičev, sometimes named slap Volarja, is one of the highest waterfalls in the north of Slovenia and is also a waterfall which can be quit voluminous in springtime or autumn. Most of the waterfalls in Slovenia have tiny streams but Slap Gregorčičev  is an exception.

Slap Gregorčičev a waterfall in the river Volarja with a single fall of 88 meters. The waterfall is named after a famous Slovenian poet Simon Gregorčičev.

There are several other waterfalls in the river Volarja and Malenšcek like Slap Malenšcek and Slap Brinta.

The hike to these waterfalls starts from the Hamlet Selce. Driving from Tolim to Kobarid on road 102 you see an exit sign “Kamno”. Cross the bridge and in Kamno turn left to Krn/Vrsno. A little bit further go right at the yellow sign Krn/Vrsno. Follow the road and drive to Selce until the road ends and park the car at a small square.

There are signs for Gregorčičev slap and Slap Brinta. The first waterfall you walk to is Slap Brinta which can be reached in 3o minutes. After visiting Slap Brinta you can walk uphill to slap Malenšcek which is situated in the sam river (Malenšcek). If there is enough water in Slap Brinta then walk up to slap Malenšcek. From slap Brinta it approximately a 40 minute walk.

To go to slap Gregorčičev walk the same way down and then turn left to slap Gregorčičev. This walk takes over 70 minutes.

Map picture at the right: © OpenStreetMap

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About Gregorčičev Slap

RegionGoriška - Tolmin
LocationSelce - Tolmin
Best visitSpring - Autumn

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