The Gunnhildafossen is a nice looking, powerful waterfall in the river Ekso/Storelvi.  Over a width of 30 meters the river Ekso drops down over 20 meters. The biggest drop is about 10 meters high but because of its width very nice to see. The part upstream of the Gunnhildafossen is called the Stavleifossen.

The Gunnhildafossen is situated in the Eksingedalen, 11 kilometers north of Eidslandet: Follow road 569 and take the exit to road 344. The Gunnhildafossen is situated along the road and you can mis it. The road is very narrow and you have to look for a place to park the car.

As many waterfalls in Norway a legend is responsible for the name of the fall: A long, long time ago there was hatred between the two farms of Vetlejord and Høvik. The young Gunnhild was in love with a boy from the other farm. They would meet in secrecy by the large waterfall between the two farms so that nobody would discover them. Unfortunately, Gunnhild’s father caught wind of what was going on. One evening, he waited by the falls and when the boy appeared, Gunnhild’s father killed him and threw him into the waterfall. Gunnhild arrived just in time to see what had happened. She was so shocked by the loss of her true love that she jumped into the falls after him. Since then the waterfall has been called Gunnhildafossen.

In the river Ekso/Storelvi there are a dozen of smaller waterfalls. But also in the area is the huge Stigfossen and the powerful Hesjedalsfossen.

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About Gunnhildafossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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