Driving up road 13/134 at Røldal towards Skare/Odda on the left side of the road this unnamed waterfall showed up.  Because it’s located in the Håradalen in the Håraelva I logically named it the Hårafossen.

Up the mountain, just before the  Røldaltunneln the river Håraelva  cascades down. The photo’s shows the lower part and is  about 80 meters high. In total the fall should be much higher.

Further up road 13, between Skare and Odda you will find the most beautiful waterfalls in Norway/Hordaland: Låtefossen and the Espelandsfossen. If you decide to follow road 134 you will pass by the gigantic Langfossen.

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About Harafossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitSummer

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