Heggurfossen is a tall waterfall, near Valldal (Norddal),  not far from the more famous Muldalsfossen in the region More og Romsdal, Norway.

July 2017 I was on my way to Muldalsfossen when I drove on road 63, just before Valldal, when I saw a big waterfall at the left side of the Tafjorden. I knew Heggurfossen existed but I always thought that the waterfall was hard to see. Almost all the way to Muldalsfossen you have a view on Heggurfossen.

Unfortunately you can’t drive to the base of Heggurfossen because the Heggertunnelen goes underneath the waterfall and there is no road or path going to the waterfall. Maybe that is why the waterfall is unknown and not named on maps.

The river Heggurelva drops down over appr. 650 meter with quit a respectable volume. There isn’t much information available but it seems it has a consistent supply of melted snow and ice from the mountain at the source of the river, Blafjellet (1.602m).

Heggurfossen-FloraHeggurfossen drops directly into the Tafjorden (northside) and by boat you will have a clear view on the waterfall. I also drove up road Fv93 at Fjora, east of Valldal, (sign says Selboskar) to get a better view on Heggurfossen.

Best time to visit the waterfall is early summer or in a rainy period. Because Heggurfossen falls towards the southwest, the afternoon should be the best time to take pictures.

MuldalsfossenOff cause afterwards you also have to visit one of the most beautiful waterfall of Norway, Muldalsfossen, only a few kilometer away at the end of the Heggurtunnelen. It takes a 60 minute walk but it is worthwhile.

Stigfossen-Trollstigen-bad-weatherAlso nearby is the famous Trollstigen, a gorgeous road with 11 hairpin curves. Not only Trollstigen itself but also the road that leads to Trollstigen is beautiful. Last time I was there, July 2017, the weather was terrible and clouds were covering the upper part of Trollstigen. I was quit disappointed because I was there to take pictures. Driving down I had (fortunately) a better look at the big Stigfossen and Trollfossen.

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About Heggurfossen

RegionMøre og Romsdal
Best visitEarly summer

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