Henfallet is a big and powerful waterfall near Tydal in the region Sor Trondelag, Norway.

Henfallet is located near road 705 but you have to know where to go to. My Tomtom gave me the wrong route description. There is an unpaved road leading to the waterfall, most part well maintained but still there are several pits in the road. Solution: don’t drive to fast.

Kvernfossen near HenfalletHenfallet-parkingIn Tydal keep on following road 705 to Stugudal and wait until you are outside Tydal and there are hardly any houses anymore. Soon you will see a white sign “Henfallet” at the right side of the road. Go right here and cross the bridge. From here it a 8 kilometer drive on a gravel road.

At the bridge you see a nice waterfall called Kvernfossen. Follow the road until you see Henfallet at the right side of the road and a big parking at the left side of the road.

Henfallet-pathRecently a path of wooden planks leads to a platform (2 minutes) where you have a great view on Henfallet. You can walk along the trees to have another kind of view on Henfallet.

It is also possible to follow a trail that goes around the Henfallet but July 2017, when I was at Henfallet, I didn’t see signs for the trail. I also can’t see the trail on the online map of Norgeskart.

It was raining when I visited Henfallet and I didn’t try to descend to the base of the waterfall but I have seen pictures of the base, so it must be possible.

HenfalletHenfallet was one of the waterfalls that surprised me. It looks very big, although the water of the river Hena is only plunging down over 80 meter. The volume was quit respectable and the view on the waterfall is amazing. I think it is in my top 10 favorite waterfalls in Norway.

The source of the river Henna lies at lake Veunsjoen, north of the mountain Blastoten (1.328 m). The first part of the river is called Veunna/Veunda and together with the river Svartaa drains Henfallet.

Best time to visit Henfallet is early summer when there is still a lot of snow melting into the rivers. Henfallet is falling towards the north/northeast so best time to take pictures is early in the morning.

Fallet is an addition for the name of waterfall, mostly in regions near the border with Sweden. The waterfalls in the gorge Amotan in the Sunndalen (80 kilometer southwest) are also named with the addition fallet: Svoufallet, Linndalsfallet and Reppfallet.

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About Henfallet

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitEarly summer

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