Hengifoss (Eskifjordur)

Hengifoss is a waterfall in the East of Iceland near Neskaupstaður. The river Hengifossá in Norðfjörður falls down over 30 meters in a very beautiful and luxuriant ravine. I think this is upstream from Hengifoss. Hengifoss i Norðfjörður is an official named waterfall.

When coming over Oddskarð (road 92)and driving down to Neskaupstaður (from the south to the north), Hengifoss is on the left 5 km down hill from the top.

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About Hengifoss (Eskifjordur)

LocationEskifjörður, Neskaupsstaður (Suður-Múlasýsla)
RiverHengifossá in Norðfjörður
Best visitSummer

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