Høljafossen is a scenic waterfall in the river Utla near the huge Vettisfossen in the Utladalen (Øvre Årdal) in the region Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.

There are 4 major waterfalls in the Utladalen and Høljafossen is the smallest one with a height of 5 meter. Although it isn’t the highest waterfall, Høljafossen is the most scenic one with emerald colors in the water. The surrounding of Høljafossen are dark rocks with green vegetation. The contrast is big which is a guarantee for beautiful pictures.

The hike into the Utladalen (and Vettisfossen) starts at a big parking just in front of the Hjellefossen. An huge amount of water tries to find its way down, a real spectacle to see. From the parking you already have a fantastic view on Hjellefossen. I forgot to measure the height of the waterfall, but the visible height is at least more then 200 meter. The total height of Hjellefossen is 365 meter, one of the bigger waterfalls in Sogn og Fjordane.

The trail along the river Utla continues to Avdalsfossen, still at the beginning of the trail. Avdalsfossen is very photogenic waterfall, and  also very powerful, with a single drop of 175 meter! You will reach Avdalsfossen in 15-20 minutes from Hjellefossen.

A little bit upstream the river Utla (25 minutes from Avdalsfossen) you can see Høljafossen at the left side of the path. You can walk down to the water to enjoy Høljafossen from nearby. Walking further on the trail to Vettisfossen you also have a great view with a higher view. Here you can make great pictures. I missed this waterfall years ago, but July 2017 the weather was good and I made several pictures of Høljafossen. Although Høljafossen isn’t very big, I like this waterfall very much.

From Høljafossen the trail continues to Vetti Gard and the walk gets a little bit more difficult. The trail is (sometimes) steep and you have to find your way over rocks. After 45 minutes (after Høljafossen) you will be rewarded with the biggest unregulated single drop waterfall in Norway, Vettisfossen. Vettisfossen drops down over 275 meter and is quit powerful in early summer and summer.

From here on it is also possible to walk back to the suspension bridge and to walk further into Utladalen. I had blisters on both foot (new hiking shoes) and the weather was changing, so I went back. The trail further to Stølsmaradalen is difficult and steep but you will have a great view on the valley and Vettisfossen.

The trail along the river Utla belongs certainly to one of the most beautiful walks I ever made. If in Norway, you should not miss this one.

I stayed on camping Utladalen, just a few kilometer from Hjellefossen and the ambiance was great. I liked the camping very much.

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About Holjafossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionSogn og Fjordane
LocationHjelle-Øvre Årdal/Utladalen
Best visitEarly summer

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