Cascada Izvorul Bigar

(Izvorul Bigăr, Bigar waterfall)

Izvorul Bigăr is a very unique waterfall and according to many people is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Romania.

Looking for search results for waterfalls in Romania, Izvorul Bigăr waterfalls is almost the only hit you get. A very famous and most visited waterfall in Romania.

Izvorul Bigăr is located south of Poneasca, along road 57B and is easy to reach. You can’t miss the entrance and parked cars along the road.


An underground spring streams from a cave onto a rock covered with moss and falls into the river. What makes this waterfall special is how the water drops of the rock in a curtain of small streams. Although the waterfall is only 4 to 5 meter high it of great beauty.

The waterfall Izvorul Bigăris is very photogenic. There are many great photo’s made of the Bigar waterfall (Izvorul Bigăr).

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About Cascada Izvorul Bigar

CountryWaterfalls in Romania - Cascade Romania
LocationPoneasca, Bozovici
RiverMinis (Nera)
Best visitSpring, after rainfall

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