It’s really worthwhile, when you are near Loen, to drive to the Lovatnet. At the end of the valley there is the Bødalen, one of the most beautiful places in Norway. We where lucky that the weather was beautiful, which results in astonishing beautiful photo’s.

The Høysteinfossen is located in the Bødalen, almost at the end of the Lovatnet. Turn right and take the unpaved toll road into the Bødalen. You first get past the Hoysteinfossen, just down the Huldrefossen with a great view on the valley and the Ramnefjellsfossen (one of the highest waterfalls in Norway).

At the end of the road you can walk to the Bødalsbreen, a beautiful unspoiled glacier. Again, beautiful views and a surprising unnamed waterfall near the Kåpevatnet. So I named it the Kåpefossen.

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About Kapefossen

RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitSummer

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WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Huldrefossen 8 km
Tinjefjellfossen 8 km
Hoysteinfossen 9 km
Krunefossen 14 km
Glomnesfossen 15 km