There are several nice waterfalls in the river Vatnsdalsá in the north of Iceland. One of these waterfalls is the beautiful Kerafoss with a total drop of appr. 15 meters and a wide of appr. 40 meters. What makes the Kerafoss special and worthwhile to visit is the natural environment where the fall is situated and the fan shape of the fall.

From Blonduos in th enorth take road 1 to the south and take the exit to road 722 /Vatnsdalur and at the end of the road take the exit to the farm Forsæludalur (road 7215). From here you have to walk for 6,5 km following the river upstream.

First you pass the Stekkjarfoss, a small fall near the farm Forsæludalur and the Dalfoss (2,5 kilometers).

After visiting Dalfoss you can go further following the river for 1,2 kilometers to the Skessusfoss. You need to cross the river Friðmundará on the way.

Another 2 kilometers following the river Vatnsdalsá brings you to the Kerafoss and last but not least, another 600 meters further you will find the nice Rjukandi.

On the way to Rjukandi you will find several other unnamed waterfalls in side canyons which are higher then the official named ones….

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About Kerafoss

CountryWaterfalls in Iceland
RegionNorðurland vestra
LocationBlonduós, Vatnsdalur (Austur-Húnavatnssýsla)
Best visitSummer

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