Kerlingarfoss (Ólafsvík)

Kerlingarfoss is a waterfall in the west of Iceland on the peninsular Snæfellsnes. The river Fossá/Fosslaekur drops down over appr. 60 meter and continues its way to the Atlantic Ocean

Kerlingarfoss is a nice waterfall and is located between Ólafsvík and Rif, along road 574. From road 574 there is a dust road going to the farm Sveinnstadir, drive further on and keep left. From the end of the road, at a house/farm called Foss, it is about 500 meters walking to the Kerlingarfoss.

Not far from the Kerlingarfoss there is also another waterfall called Svöðufoss in the river Laxa, east of Kerlingarfoss.

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About Kerlingarfoss (Ólafsvík)

CountryWaterfalls in Iceland
LocationRif, Hellissandur, Ólafsvík (Snæfellsnes)
Best visitSummer

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