Kjeragfossen is an official named waterfall near Lysebotn in the region Rogaland, Norway.

When driving to Lysebotn (Lysefjorden), you can’t miss the big parking at Kjerag. You have to pay for the parking, 100 NOK, a lot of money.

Here the trail starts to Kjeragbolten, the famous rock wedged between mountain walls. A little further you see Kjeragfossen. The walk takes a while (6 km) and goes up ascending over 350 meter. Roundtrip time is between 5,5-6 hour. Afterwards you can relax at the restaurant (Øygardstøl) near the parking.

It also must be possible to see Kjeragfossen from the Lysefjorden when taking the ferry Lysebotn-Forsand. To drive to Lysebotn is very spectacular. The road is known as one of the steepest roads down in Europe. Top of the road is on an altitude of appr 675 meter which rapidly descends. There are 25-30 hairpin curves in the road. During our descend we had to stop because smoke was coming from our breaks!

Kjeragfossen thunders down over 715 meter. When surveying the map the waterfall can be over 900 metes high. Most Internet sources mention a height of 715 meter. When I was near Kjerag I really missed this waterfall. We were to hasty to see all other waterfalls in Norway.

From Lysebotn you also have a good view on another waterfall next to Kjeragfossen. At the right side you will see a part of Kjeragfossen.

I am quite sure the flow of the water isn’t very consistent. Probably early spring the flow of Kjeragfossen is on its maximum and in summertime there is hardly any water falling down from Kjeragfossen. Except after heavy rainfall, then Kjeragfossen starts flowing again.
Best time to visit the waterfall is in the morning because Kjeragfossen is slightly falling towards the northeast.

Near the waterfall there is a famous tourist attraction, Kjeragbolten, a 5 m³ big stone between two mountain ridges on a height of a 1000 meters. According to a legend the stone is a troll, stoned when light feel on him.

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About Kjeragfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RiverX(no name)
Best visitSpring, after heavy rainfall

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