Driving over road 569 we ended in the picturesque village of Mo/Modalen to visit the Kvernhusfossen. A surprising nice and gorgeous waterfall because of its height, water capacity and the beach in front of the fall, makes the Kvernhusfossen an unique waterfall.

With a vertical drop of 115 meters the Kvernhusfossen is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the south of Hordaland. The water thunders down from the Nedstavatn on an altitude of 284 meters, directly into the Mofjorden. I have seen figures that the Kvernhusfossen is more then 195 meters high, but I have to check it out.

Another (unnamed) waterfall you really shouldn’t miss is the Bergsåafossen (also called Geiteskardet) which is situated just after Mo at the Mofjorden.

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About Kvernhusfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RiverNedstavatn (Nedstevatn)

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