La Grande cascade du Mont Dore

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La Grande cascade du Mont Dore is a nice waterfall just outside the village of Mont Dore. Mont Dore is located south west of Clermont Ferrand in the region Auvergne/Puy de Dome, France.

From the roadside (D36) near Hotel La Grande cascade a trail runs to base of the waterfall and further to the top. The walk from the roadside to the base of the fall will take 20 minutes with steep parts at the end. A roundtrip from the city center (spa) is also possible in 90 minutes.

La Grande cascade du Mont Dore has its source at the plateau Balayé at an altitude of 1.450 meters.

The riverflow has no name and probably doesn’t flow all year round. I guess early in the season will be the best period to visit La Grande cascade du Mont Dore.

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About La Grande cascade du Mont Dore

CountryWaterfalls in France
RegionAuvergne/Puy de Dome
LocationMont Dore
Best visitSpring-after rainfall

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