(Lagginafall Nord & Sud)

The Lagginafälle are two paralel waterfalls coming down from the glacier Holutrift at the east side of the mountain Lagginhorn (4.010 m). The waterfall is located near Gabi (Simplon) in the region Valais, Switzerland.

The Lagginafälle isn’t very easy to reach but from Simplon village a small road is going south paralel to road E62 heading into the Lagginatal (Valley). I am not sure how fare it is allowed to drive on the small road but the road ends at the river not far from the Lagginafälle. Still I don’t think this is possible and that you need to hike from Simplon dorf or Gabi into the Laggina valley.

You can park your car near restaurant Gabi at a big parking (gps 46.184413, 8.072648). One way it is a 5-6 kilometer walk to the Lagginafälle, ascending over 250-300 meter, if you take the track that follows the river Laggina. 

There are two separate plunges coming down from the Holutrif, Weissmies and Laggin glaciers. A lot of ice and snow is melting down in the early summer. The waterfalls has a total height of appr. 140 meter.

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About Lagginafälle

Best visitEarly summer

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