Laxfoss i Grímsá


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Laxfoss is a waterfall in the West of Iceland along road 50/510(52), Northeast of the crossing with road50/510.Laxfoss is one of the many waterfalls in the river Grimsá, and is one of the largest.

Grimsá is a river which rises from the Reyðarvatn, and through the Lundarreykjadalur eventually flows into Borgarfjördur. The river can be good fishing for salmon and Laxfoss also means Salmon Falls. In Iceland there are many waterfalls with the name Laxfoss.

To get to Laxfoss you first have to take the dust road from road 510(52) for 1 kilometer, this road ends at the river Grimsá near the Laxfoss. There also a hotel/country lodge near the waterfall.

Other waterfalls in the river Grímsá: Trollafossar, Laekjarfoss, Jotnabruarfoss, Kleppagilsfoss, Kleppafoss I-II-III, Selsmyrarfoss, Kerlingafoss, Kalfgilsfoss/Englandsfoss, Breiðifoss, Lambárfoss and Sellfoss. Probably these are small waterfalls.

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About Laxfoss i Grímsá

CountryWaterfalls in Iceland
RegionVesturland, Borgarfjarðarsýsla
LocationBorgarnes - Reykholt
Best visitSummer

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