Marul wasserfall

(Maruler wasserfalle, Raggal wasserfall)

The Marul wasserfall is a nice waterfall southeast of Marul in the region Vorarlberg. From Bludenz take road 193 heading north into the Walsertal/Damuls. At Garsella take road L88 to Ragal/Marul for 5 kilometers. In Marul the road ends and there is a parking where you have to park the car. From here a trail called “Walderlebnispfad” brings you to the Marul waterfall. Perfect for people with children: on the way there are several things to do for children (and for dads who think they are like a child). After 20 minutes you will reach the lower part of the Marul wasserfall, a nice place for a swim in the pool under the waterfall. At least in summertime. I don’t know how powerful the Marul wasserfall can get, but be careful. The lower Marul waterfall is 27 meters high.

For people who want a challenge, before reaching the lower waterfall there is a small path (there is a sign) going to the upper part of the Marul waterfall. The trail is steep and extremely slippery, the first time I fell hard when I was descending. Because I had some blister I had normal shoes, but good mountain shoes for the trail is a must. Not suitable for children.

Nevertheless, after 20 minutes I reached the wooden platform with a great view on the upper Marul wasserfall which falls down in two stages. The uppert part is 48 meters high and the lower 14 meters, in total the Marul wasserfall is 62 meters high.

Although the upper part is much higher, the lower part was more scenic.

Best time to visit the Marul wasserfall is late spring until the early summer at the end of the morning. The Marul wasserfall falls towards the northeast and the best time to time to visit the Marul wasserfall is at midday. Best season to visit the Marul wasserfall is from late spring until the early summer when the river Elsbach is more powerful.

All pictures are taken in august 2015, the warmest summer ever in Austria with a very long period of temperatures above 30C.

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About Marul wasserfall

Best visitLate spring-Early summer-summer

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