The Mirafall is an adorable waterfall when there is enough water feeding the flow of the river Mirabach. The Mirafall is situated near Wienerbruck in a valley/gorge named Ötschergräben in the region Niederösterreich.

From Wienerbruck it is a 13 kilometers walk (3 hours) along the Lassingfall and into the Ötschergräben. It looks like a very beautiful trail with the Mirafall as a highlight.

Another possibility to get at the Mirafall is to take a small road (Ötscherstrasse) from Erlaufboden, to the south which runs not to far along the Mirafall. Then it is a shorter walk to the Mirafall.

Best time to visit the Mirafall is from late springtime until the early summer. The waterfall can dry out in summertime. The Mirafall is about 70 meters high and falls towards the Southeast. Morningtime is the best time for photographing the Mirafall.

In the valley of the Mirafall there are two other waterfalls worthwhile to visit: near Wienerbruck the Lassingfall and further into the valley, past the Mirafall there is a waterfall called Schleierfall.

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About Mirafall

Best visitSpring-Early summer

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Lassingfall 4 km
Schleierfall (Ötschergräben) 4 km
Trefflingfall 8 km
Ludwigfall 20 km
Totes Weib wasserfall 28 km