Miruše slapovi

(Mirusha waterfalls, Ujëvarët e Mirushës, Слапови Мируше)

The Miruše slapovi are a series of cascades (twelve) in Mirusha park/Miruša Park in the central part of Kosovo. The distance from the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina is 65 km, an one hour drive.

There is a big parking near the Mirusha waterfalls (paid) form where you can walk to a cafe with a splendid view on two cascades. If you want to see the rest of the cascades, follow the unpaved path. This path is well signed. After the third waterfall the hike gets more challenging but the sixth waterfall is very beautiful.

The Mirusha River engraved a 10 km long canyon and created 13 river lakes with 12 waterfalls between them. The waterfall with the biggest height is the one between the sixth and seventh lake, and has a height of 22 meters.

The waterfalls are a popular destination for tourists and locals because it is a great place for swimming.

In summertime it can be quite hot and when it hasn’t rained for a long period the river runs dry.

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About Miruše slapovi

CountryWaterfalls in Kosovo
LocationMirushë (Мируша / MirušaKlinë), Klinë
Best visitSpring

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