Modertal wasserfall

The Modertal wasserfall is a nice waterfall near Seesumpf-Bach not far from Lech in the region Tirol, Austria. From road 198 (Lechtal strasse) in Bach you have to take the road to Seesumpf (over the bridge go left and then directly right) and park the car over there. I parked the car near haus Bergfrieden.

From the small town of Seesumpf a hiking trail leads to the base of the Modretal wasserfall. There are signs pointing to “wasserfall” and the hike takes about 15 minutes.

The flow of the river varies much but early in the season, with enough melting water, the 30 meter high waterfall Modretal wasserfall is nice enough to visit. In summertime it is a nice walk but the flow in the river Modertalbach is low. You hardly can see the Modertal wasserfall flow. Here is a picture when there enough water in the Modertal wasserfall.

The water of the Modertalbach drops down, in one single stage, over 30 meters. When enough water worthwhile to visit and the walk is nice and not to far. The trail is easy over a wide path.

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About Modertal wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitLate sping-early summer

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