Morsárfoss is the tallest waterfall in Iceland with a measured height of 228 meters (latest measurement). Morsárfoss is located at the Morsárjökull glacier, an outlet glacier of the Vatnajökull glacier. In fact there are several waterfalls falling down over the cliffs and sometimes people talk about Morsárfossar (the waterfall’s name in plural).

It was only recently (2017) discovered and has ousted Glymur from the first spot in the list of Iceland’s tallest waterfalls. The reason why Morsárfoss is only recently discovered is because the glacier Morsárjökull is melting and receding.

Morsárfoss is located in the southeast of Iceland in Skaftafell national park. Although there is a trail heading to mountain Kristínartindar, from here you only can see Morsárfoss in the far distance (6 kilometer). It is not an easy trail to mountain Kristínartindar. The trailhead lies at the visitors centre of Skaftafell National park. The hike itself (gps 64.0167, -16.9664): 18 kilometer, elevation 1000 meter, roundtrip 6-9 hours. More information about the trail to Kristínartindar can be found on Wikiloc.

Map hike Morsárfoss

To get closer to the waterfall it is necessary to hike over a moving glacier, only possible with a guided tour! I haven’t seen any close pictures from which I can say Morsárfoss is a waterfall worthwhile visiting. It looks to me a rather tiny stream of melted water. But who am I to judge? I already saw maps where Morsárfoss is mentioned as a waterfall.

Other waterfalls in Skaftafell National park are SvartifossÞjófafossHundafoss and Magnusarfoss.

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About Morsárfoss

RiverMorsárjökull (glacier)
Best visitSummer

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