Múlafoss (Djúpivogur)


Múlafoss is a waterfall in the Southeast of Iceland. Múlafoss is one of the many waterfalls in the valley Fossárdalur. It means valley of the waterfalls.

The waterfall is located 4 kilometers from Guesthouse Eyjolfsstadir, a few hundred meters from road 1 in Berufjörður. Take the exit to road 9669 (Eyjolfsstadir) from road and park the car near the gusethouse.

Follow the trail along the river upstream for appr. 60 minutes/4 kilometers and there you will find another amazing waterfall in the river Fossa, called Múlafoss. I really love the looks of this waterfall.

There are several other waterfalls to be found in the valley Fossárdalur:
– Fossárfoss, near road 1
– Stekkásfoss, a small waterfall near Eyjólfsstaðir Guesthouse
– Two unnamed waterfalls at the Fálkaás valley at the end of the trail
– Gongufossinn, a wide and powerful fall, but I can’t find the exact location. It must be somewhere at the end of the valley

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About Múlafoss (Djúpivogur)

RegionAusturland, Suður-Múlasýsla
Best visitSummer

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