Mutterbergklamm wasserfall

The Mutterbergklamm wasserfall is a waterfall at the end of the Stubaital/Stubaier gletscher in the region Tirol. From the parking lot the Mutterbergklamm wasserfall is already at the right side, next to the lift. In 5 minutes you can walk to a wooden bridge where you have a great view on the Mutterbergklamm wasserfall.

The Mutterbergklamm (on an altitude of 1.750 meter) is a gorge where two rivers join each other: Mutterbergaches and Fernaubaches. The visible part of the Mutterbergklamm wasserfall thunders down over 96 meters (measured) but is probably higher.

Best time to visit the Mutterbergklamm wasserfall is in summertime when the temperatures are rising and the snow of the Stubaier gletscher melts and feeds the Mutterbergklamm wasserfall. The Mutterbergklamm wasserfall falls towards the east and lies in the shade in the afternoon. Best time to visit the Mutterbergklamm wasserfall is early in the morning.

Although the Mutterbergklamm wasserfall isn’t very spectacular, the Stubaital is famous because of its beauty and the amount of waterfalls. Nearby there are two magnificient waterfalls you can visit: Grawa wasserfall and the Mischbachfall.

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