Myrdalsfossen was an unnofficial name of a huge waterfall near Myrdal, in the river Myrdøla at Myrdal. In the years after our visit it became an official name in Google maps! Myrdal is part of the municipality Aurland in the region Sogn og Fjordane.

The best way to visit the waterfall it to take the Flåmbanen to Myrdal and then decline to Flåm by foot. Almost all the way, if you descend by foot,  you walk along a waterfall that plunges down into several steps. If you look at the height you come to a decline of more than 200 m, and then I’m still cautious.

It is also possible to rent a bike at Myrdal, but you better make a reservation in front for the bikes. July 2016, when I visited Myrdalsfossen for the third times, there where no bikes left to rent. We didn’t mind to much because the walk is of extreme beauty. It only takes time.

The Flåmbanen is a popular tourist attraction where a train brings you from Flåm to Myrdal. The height difference is 865 meters which has to be done in 20 kilometers, the second steepest railway in the world. On the way you can enjoy several waterfalls, named and unnamed. Be sure to make a reservation in the high season. It can be very crowded.

The first waterfall you pass is Brekkefossen, on the right. The next, a little bit further (also on the right) is Rjoandefossen, the one with the nicest colors in the most beautiful landscape. Near station Berekvam you will see several waterfalls on the left, the biggest (unofficial named) one is Tunnshello. Then you will pass by Kardalsfossen, but this is better visible when walking down from Myrdal.

The first short stop is the one at Kjosfossen. From here you will see several streams and you will have a beautiful view on Myrdalsfossen which plunges down over 225 meters. When walking down from Myrdal you will decent on a trail besides the waterfall. In Berekvam we took the train back to Flåm.

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About Myrdalsfossen

RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitSummer

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WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Kjosfossen 2 km
Kardalsfossen 2 km
Tunnshello 6 km
Rjoandefossen 9 km
Brekkefossen 13 km