Oyafossen (Ryfylke)

(Øyafossen, Helgalandsfossen)

Øyafossen is quite a remote waterfall between Kleivaland and Øvre Tysdalsvatnet (Hjelmeland) in teh region Rogaland, Norway.

From Hjelmeland take road Fv660 east to Kleivaland (there are signs to Kleivaland). There should be a parking near Kleivaland. I am not sure if you drive further to a farm called Ritland. Advise is to park the car at Kleivaland.

From here a signed trail brings you into the Vormedalen along some old abandoned farmhouses: Ritland and Helgaland. The walk takes about 1,5 hour.

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About Oyafossen (Ryfylke)

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
LocationVormedalen, Kleivaland, Hjelmeland
Best visitEarly summer

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