Along road 9 in the north of Norway you will find an astonishing beautiful waterfall called Pikefossen, in NordSami Nieidagorži. The river Kautokeinoelva thunders down over 8 meters. There is a parking lot along road 93, with picnic facilities and a beautiful view on the fall.

According to a legend, the name comes from a girl who was looking after the reindeer herd while the owners were away. When the girl was crossing the ice with the reindeer right above the waterfall, the ice broke and the whole herd drowned. When the owners came home and heard this, they were so angry that they threw the girl in the waterfall.

It is said that those who stay overnight in a lavvo (sami tent) at the waterfall can hear heartbreaking screams of a girl in the waterfall.

The information and photo’s I received from Alma Korteweg/The Netherlands (Copyright 2014,  Alma Korteweg )

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About Pikefossen

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