Podgórnej Wodospad

Wodospad Podgórnej is a nice looking waterfall near Przesieka (south of Jelenia Góra), in the region Dolnośląskie (lower Silesia) in Poland.

The walk starts from a parking, almost along the roadside (Karkonosko road), south of of Przesieka. There is a small parking at gps 50.806814, 15.666044. There are small signs and the green trail leads to Wodospad Podgórnej. Within 10-15 minutes you can reach the picturesque waterfall located at an altitude of 547 meter.

The waterfall drops down over 10 meter in three small stages. If you want you can walk a little further to a small waterfall “Kaskada Myi”. Nice to see but is only 5 meter high.

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About Podgórnej Wodospad

CountryWaterfalls in Poland
LocationPrzesieka, Jelenia Góra
Best visitEarly spring, after a rainy period

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