Reekie Linn

The Reekie Linn waterfall is one of the more powerful waterfalls in Scotland. Reekie Linn is located in the woodlands west of Forfar/Kirriemuir (Angus), near Bridge of Craigisla (road B954).

From the parking at Bridge of Craigisla it is a short an pleasant walk (to the east) along the river Isla, over a narrow path and a deep rim, to the Reekie Linn waterfall.

Near the beginning of the walk to the falls the underlying rock is very hard bedrock, but this soon gives way to soft sandstone. The force of the water over time has gradually eroded the sandstone and carved a deep and dramatic gorge that drops some 45 meter to a deep pool. The sudden drop has created two separate falls, and the combined effects of the falls sends up a fine mist. This mist is what gives Reekie Linn its name. Reekie roughly translates as smoky, or misty, and linn means a deep or dark pool.

The two falls have drops of 6 meter and 18 meter, but when the River Isla is in spate the two falls merge to create a single drop of 24 meter. Its really quite impressive!

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About Reekie Linn

CountryWaterfalls in United Kingdom
Best visitSpring, after rainfall

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