Reindalsfossen is an unknown but high waterfall in the south/middle of Norway near Tafjord in the region More og Romsdal. The volume of the waterfall can vary but in springtime or early summer you can hear the waterfall already roaring from a distance.

With a single drop of appr 140 meters the Reindalfossen can be quite impressive. The water of the river Reindola comes from two lakes called Langvatnet and Slidevatnet. I am not really sure about the height but I have to find out.

Drive from Tafjord to the south into the Rodalen. Access for the waterfall is from the parking at the west side of lake Zakariasvatnet next to the entrance of the tunnel at the powerplant. The trail is signed with Reindalseter, walking at the southside of the lake through a forest. After 20 minutes you will reach the end of the lake. You can already hear the water of the Reindalsfossen roaring. Be careful at the last part when walking to the falls, this will take another 20 minutes. Unfortunately only the upper part of the waterfall is clear visible. Although I have seen a video where people climb a little bit down along the waterfall where you should have a good view.

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About Reindalsfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionMøre og Romsdal
Best visitEarly summer

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