Resovsky vodopady

(Rešovský vodopád, Rešovské vodopády)

Rešovský vodopád is a nice waterfall near Rešov (Rýmarov) in the region Moravië silezië, Czech Republic.

Actually there are more waterfalls/rapids in the river Huntava but the biggest one, appr 8 meter, is Rešovský vodopád.

From Rešov it is a 1,5 kilometer walk and takes about 20- 30 minutes. The trail is easy but can be slippery at the end near the waterfall. Part of the trail goes over wooden planks.

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About Resovsky vodopady

CountryWaterfalls in Czech republic
RegionMoravië silezië
LocationRešov, Rýmarov
Best visitAfter rainfall

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