(Richitobelfall I & II)

The Richitobelfall is a nice waterfall near Lustenau in the region Schwyz, Switzerland.

The Richitobelfall used to be a tall waterfall but november 2010 there was a major landslide and I think the waterfall still exists but a little less higher.

The Richitobelfall is visible form the streetside (busstop at gps 46.979191, 8.730919) between Ried in Muotathal and Lustenau. The river Mettelbach drops down in a single drop over appr. 60 meter with a total height of 130 meter. Early summer (or after rainfall) the Richitobelfall can still be a beautiful waterfall.

From the busstop, near the bridge over the river Mettelbach, a trail is going towards the Richitobelfall. Views are better when walking towards the base of the waterfall.

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About Richitobelfall

Best visitEarly Summer

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