(Rißloch Wasserfall, Rieslochfälle)

The Rieslochfälle (or Rissloch wasserfall) is a nice scenic waterfall at the north side of Bodenmais in the region Bayern, Germany.

From Bodenmais drive north to hotel Waldhaus. Here you can park your car  at the end of the Risslochweg (gps 49.080743, 13.110296). From the parking it is a 30-45 walk (1,5 km) to the Rieslochfälle. There are signs that take you to a wooden bridge in front of to the Rieslochfälle.

Total height of the big Riesloch wasserfall is approximately 15 meter.

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About Rieslochfälle

CountryWaterfalls in Germany
Best visitAfter rainy period

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