Rjukanfossen (Rjukan)

The Rjukanfossen(Smoking Falls) was an admirable waterfall near Rjukan in the province Telemark and is is an official named waterfall.

There aren’t so many powerful waterfalls with a significant free fall in Telemark. The Rjukanfossen was such a waterfall in the river Måne and with a free fall of around 100 meters it was also the highest waterfall in Telemark. Unfortunately you have to be lucky to see the Rjukanfossen flow. According to the tourust office there are several dates the waterfall flows, but they couldn’t tell when.

The Rjukanfossen are easy accessible and can be found near road 37, eight kilometers west of the town Rjukan (Tinn) . From road 37 there is a sideway, just before the tunnel, where you have a good view on the waterfall.

Downstream the Rjukanfossen there is an unknown waterfall of about 25 meters, the Kvennhusfossen.

 (c)photo Kjorgen | Dreamstime.com

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About Rjukanfossen (Rjukan)

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitUnknown (regulated waterfall)

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