(Röthbach Wasserfall)

The Röthbachfall is the highest waterfall in Germany with a total drop of 470 meters. Not only the height makes the Röthbachfall very impressive but the environment with the Obersee and the Königssee near the Röthbachfall makes everything complete.

For me the Röthbachfall is besides the highest also the most beautiful waterfall in Germany. The Röthbachfall is located south of Berchtesgaden, at the Obersee, in the region Bayern, Germany.

Only question is if the Röthbachfall is really 470 meter high. When I look at the pictures and I survey the map it is more like 340 meters max.

From Schönau am Königssee there is a boat going to the end of the Königssee from where you have a closer view on the Röthbachfall. From here you can walk along the Obersee further towards the Röthbachfall.

It is also possible to hike along the Königssee to the Obersee bit this is a 10 kilometer walk and should take 2,5-3 hour.

At the beginning of the Königssee (at he east shore) there is another huge waterfall called the Königsbach wasserfall with a height of 240 meter.

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About Röthbachfall

CountryWaterfalls in Germany
Best visitSpring-early summer

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