Salto de la Novia

(Cascada del Brazal)

Salto de la Novia or Cascada del Brazal is a waterfall in Navajas, in the river Riu Palancia, with a single drop of 30 meter. Salto de la Novia is located at the east side of Navajes in the region Valeciana-Castellon, Spain.

From Valencia drive north and take road A-23 to Segorbe and Navajas. Take the exit Navajas and drive to the city centre. From there drive to the river Palancia and turn right (east) following the river. it is a very small road, but there is a small sign pointing to Salto de la Novia and Cascada del Brazal. There is a small parking at the end of the road.

Cross the bridge and within 5 minutes you will have a good view on the waterfall Salto de la Novia with a single drop of 30 meter. I am not sure where the water comes from, it looks a little bit like a manmade canal.

There is also a legend about Salto de la Novia, which means waterfall of the bride:
“Many years ago this when two grooms wanted to marry the had to undergo a curious ceremony to demonstrate their truly loved. The bride had to jump to the opposite shore of the river. If he succeeded this was a symbol of fertility and growth for the future marriage. One day a bride jumped, but…. fell into the river. The groom immediately jumped into the river trying to save his beloved, but the water took them both. The people kept on visting Salto de la Novia to see if they returned.

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About Salto de la Novia

RiverX (Riu Palancia)
Best visitAfter rainy period

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