Salto do Cagarrão

Salto do Cagarrão is a nice waterfall on teh Island of Sao Miguel (Azores), Portugal. The waterfall is located near Faial da Terra at the south east side of the Island.

From Povoação drive to Agua Retorta on road EN1-1a, to the east. Take the exit to Faial da Terra (gps 37.767239, -25.173256). After 2 kilometer there is a trailhead to Salto do Cagarrão. From the roadside (gps 37.761797, -25.188464) there is small path going directly to the waterfall.

Park the car where possible, but there is no official parking. Walk north and after 10-15 minutes you are at Salto do Cagarrão.

It is also possible to start at Faial da Terra (gps 37.746609, -25.200662), the trailhead to Salto do Prego. When arrived at Salto do Prego you have to follow the river further for another 15 minutes before arriving at Salto do Cagarrão.

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About Salto do Cagarrão

CountryWaterfalls in Portugal
RegionAzores - Sao Miguel
LocationFaial da Terra, Agua Retorta, Povoação
Best visitAfter a rainy period

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