Sandesbach wasserfall

Sandesbach wasserfall is a 30-50 meter high waterfall that jumps down in two major stages. The lower part is the most impressive part and is situated in a a nice scenery with an old wooden church in the foreground. A few meters downstream there ia still an old Mill standing along the river Sandesbach. There is even a special Mill museum.

From Gschnitz drive south further into the valley until you reach a big parking at Gasthof Feuerstein. From here it is a few minutes to the Sandesbach wasserfall. But is also already visible form the roadside.

It is possible to make a roundtrip (walk) taht runs over the waterfall. A Big suspension bridge is lying over the upper part of the Sandesbach wasserfall. A perfect spot for a picture with a beautiful view over the valley.


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About Sandesbach wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationUntertal, Gschnitz-Steinach am Brenner
Best visitEarly summer

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