Schallerbach wasserfall

The Schallerbach wasserfall is an unknown waterfall near See (Paznauntal) in the region Tirol, Austria.

I visited the Paznauntal several times but I didn’t knew there was a waterfall in See. You have to know where the waterfall is. In See (Paznauntal) drive northeast in the Kirchstrasse until you reach the river Schallerbach (in Gries).

There are small yellow signs « Schallerklamm ». After 10 minutes you will reach this great waterfall. Offcause, after enjoying the beauty of the Schallerbach wasserfall, it is possible to walk further into the Schallerbach klamm (gorge).

There are 3 other waterfalls in the gorge. At each waterfall a wooden platform is made. The roundtrip time, if walking through the end of the gorge is appr 90 minutes. The walk is suitable for children.

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About Schallerbach wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationSee, Landeck
Best visitEarly summer

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