Schleierfall (Untertal-Schladming)

The Schleierfall at the end of the Untertal (Schladming) is an impressive 180 meter high waterfall located near the Gollinghutte.

From Schladming you to drive to the end of the road in the Untertal until you reach a big parking at the Riesachsee. Here you can enjoy another big and impressive waterfall, Riesachfälle. This is one of the highest and most powerful waterfalls in the Steiermark area.

From the carpark you have to walk south to the Gollinghutte. The trail follows the river Steinriesenbach and on the way you will see several unnamed waterfalls. In appr 80 minutes you will reach a good viewpoint on the Schleierfall at the right side of the valley. With anu luch you will see a nice rainbow under the waterfall.

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About Schleierfall (Untertal-Schladming)

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationUntertal, Schladming
RiverX (Steinriesenbach)
Best visitEarly summer

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