Sendingfossen is a nice waterfall east of Årdal, between Nes and the Viglesdalen in the region Rogaland, Norway.

From Årdal drive east on road 13 for 5 kilometer until you see a sign “Nes” going left. Follow the signs for Nes until you reach the end of the road and a parking.

Here the trail starts following the river Storåna upstream. Cross the bridge and go left. Keep south of the river. You will see Sendingfossen from above after appr 30 minutes .
There is also a path going to the river, and probably to the base of Sendingsfossen, but I am not sure. I think Google maps made a mistake about the exact location. Norgeskart is more accurate.

If you want you can also visit the bigger Hiafossen  a little bit upstream.  If you visit both waterfalls it takes appr 40-50 minutes.

At Hiafossen there is an information sign about people that drowned here in the past. So you have to be careful? Hiafossen is named after an old farm. Hiafossen is the biggest waterfall when walking along the river Storåna. I estimate that the height of the waterfall is appr. 35 meter.

There are more waterfalls/rapids in the river Storåna, a perfect place to visit.

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About Sendingfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
LocationNes, Viglesdalen, Årdal
RiverStoråna (Hiavatnet)
Best visitEarly summer

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