When staying in Lofthus, the first thing you notice is a gigantic waterfall in the Hardangerfjord called the Skrikjofossen. Another name often used is Krikjofossen. Skrikjofossen plunges down from the Hardanger plateau over 450 meters.

Next to the Skrikjofossen there is another tall waterfall called Opofossen. This one is hardly visible, but I have seen photo’s from the Hardanger plateau with a better view. It is possible to climb up to the plateau from Ullensvang/Lofthus. The trail is called the Monk’s steps and from campingside Lofthus there is a trail marked with a red T that leads to to the top of the falls. The trail takes you into the Hardangervidda, via the Munketreppene stairs to Nosi  (alt. 950 metres). The Munketreppene stairs are made by monks who lived here in the 13th century. A roundtrip tour takes about 5 hours.

A little bit further then the end of the Munketreppene you will see a view point at Rjukande. Then you are 1,000 meters above sea level. At Rjukande you stand at the beginning of Opo waterfalls (and you feel gentle splashes of water on your face) I believe this gave the name to the place: Rjukande meaning foaming/steaming, or something similar. A video of the place you can watch here.

For those who cannot walk up the Munkestreppene, there also an easy walk to the bottom of the valley from Lofthus. At the end of the trail you can see both falls. An extensive description is found on the website of Hardangerfjord (thanks to the nice people of the tourist office of Kinsarvik). A video of the place you can watch here.

There is also a nice camping site near Lofthus with a great view on the fjord and in summertime free cherry’s from the orchard. From there you can visit several great waterfalls in the area. If you like fruit, you will like the Hardangerfjord, famous because of its fruit.

There are a dozen of other huge and impressing waterfalls nearby. The most impressive ones you don’t have to miss: SkrikjofossenVøringsfossenSkytjedalsfossen, Vedalsfossen and Valursfossen.

Also something you have to do is the trail that lead into the Husedalen. From Kinsarvik (municipality Ullensvang in Hordaland) it is a 5 minute drive over a very narrow road to a parking lot where the trail into the Husedalen starts. Here you can admire 4 huge/powerful waterfalls in the river Kinso (just after each other):TveitafossenNyastølfossenNykkjesøyfossen and the best at last Søtefossen.

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About Skrikjofossen

Best visitSummer, early summer

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Rjukandefoss 2 km
Tveitafossen 9 km
Nyastolfossen 11 km
Nykkjesoyfossen 12 km
Kvannskorfossen 12 km