St Beatus Höhlen

St Beatus Höhlen is a waterfall coming out of the St Beatus Caves near Sundlauenen  (Thunersee) in the region Berner Oberland, Switzerland.

From Bern drive to Thun and proceed driving on the north shore of the Thunersee (Seestrasse). Almost at the end of the Thuner see you see a big parking (gps 46.683691, 7.781258) with a big sign St Beatus Höhlen. Park the car and and walk to the entrance. It is a short walk to the forrest walking along the waterfall. Best view is when you see the twin waterfall with the castle like entrance on the background.

I think the first part of the walk is free from admission but that you only have to pay when entering the cave. The views on the lake are great, really a top location to visit when you are near Bern.
Within the St Beatus Caves there are more then 14km of tunnels that have already been explored. You can discover tunnels, little caves and enormous halls, stalactites and stalagmites formed by nature itself.
St Beatus Caves are open daily from March until October.

Best time to visit the waterfall of St Beatus Höhlen is late spring/early summer. The twin waterfall of St Beatus Höhlen isn’t extremely high but still 10-50 meter. The waterall is unique on its kind, there aren’t many waterfalls coming out of a cave with such a view!

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About St Beatus Höhlen

RegionBerber Oberland
LocationSundlauenen, Thunersee
RiverX (St Beatus Caaves)

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