Staniskabach wasserfall

(Schleierfall, Haslacherfall)

This waterfall has several names, on the map it is called Haslacher wasserfall, on the Internet  Staniskabach wasserfall but on location it is called the Schleierfall.

The Haslacher wasserfall is one of the bigger waterfall in Tirol (Austria) and is located in the Kalsertal, just after the Hamlet Staniska.

From road number 108 (driving to the south from Matrei in Osttirol), it is only a short ride into the Kalsertal. In the beginning the road (L26) will go steep up, but after a while the road becomes normal . Here the Staniskabach wasserfall shows up on the right of the road. In front of the Staniskabach wasserfall is a parking lot where you can admire this amazing waterfall.

The Staniskabach wasserfall is a beautiful, powerful waterfall, very photogenic and easy to reach. The river Staniskabach thunders down over 40 meters but it looks much higher.

I visited the waterfall twice (see photographs) and in summertime the volume is much bigger. The Staniskabach wasserfall falls towards the west-northwest, so visiting the waterfall in teh afternoon would be best.

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About Staniskabach wasserfall

LocationStaniska-Huben-Matrei in Osttirol
Best visitSummer

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