Steirischer Bodensee Wasserfall

(Bodensee wasserfall)

The Steirischer Bodensee Wasserfall is a tall waterfall in the Seewigtal, south of Aich-Assach in the region Steiermark, Austria.

From Aich-Assach take the road into the Seewigtal for 6,5 kilometer. You can park your car at a big parking at restaurant Seewigtalstüberl (gps 47.380905, 13.826782).

From the parking you have to walk further down the road for 10 minutes to the Bodensee in the Seewigtal. From here you already can see the Steirischer Bodensee Wasserfall at the other end of the lake.

You can walk at the left side of the lake to the Steirischer Bodensee Wasserfall in 30-40 minutes to a viewpoint near the base of the waterfall, ascending over 200 meter.

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About Steirischer Bodensee Wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationBodensee in the Seewigtal, Aich-Assach
RiverX (Bodensee in the Seewigtal)
Best visitEarly summer, summer

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