Stierlochbach wasserfall

The Stierlochbach wasserfall is a waterfall south of Zug, near Lech, in the region Vorarlberg, Austria.

From highway S16 drive to Lech on road 198 and there take the left turn to Zug (small green sign). Follow the river Lech to the Zugerbergbahn in Zug (3 km). You can park your car at the big parking (gps 47.198873, 10.110253) called Parkplatz Fischteich.

From the parking it is a short walk to the Stierlochbach wasserfall. Start your walk crossing the river Lech. There is a path going directly to the waterfall through the forrest but you also can take the road right and then left going to a viewpoint on the Stierlochbach wasserfall. It is only a 5-10 minute walk.

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About Stierlochbach wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationZug, Lech
Best visitEarly summer

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