Stigfossen (Eidslandet)

Stigfossen is a waterfall with a total height of 195 meters, situated in Eidslandet, municipality Vaksdal/Hordaland. The river Mysterelvi thunders down from the Fjellfossfjellet and is also being fed by the Leirovatnet on an altitude of 326 meters.

When I look at the pictures it seems that the waterfall is higher then 195 meters but according to the map it must be 195 meter. Maybe the upper part of the fall you see in the background of the photo is the Fjellfossen which ends in the Leirovatnet. The photo’s where taken with heavy rainfall, years ago, with an analogue camera.

When driving on road 369 near Eidslandet, take the exit to Myster. There you will see the Stigfossen. There is a trail lying north of the river, parallel to the Stigfossen, going up to the Leirovatnet.

Five kilometers south of the Stigfossen you will find one the most powerful waterfalls of the area, the Hesjedalsfossen. A nice twinfall with a height of 90 meters and an enormous power, this is one of the few waterfalls with an rating of four stars. A must to see.

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