I really don’t know what my favorite valley, concerning waterfalls, in Norway is. But the Utladalen is certainly in my top 3. First impression is everything and starting a hike in the Utladalen begins literally with everything. The Hjellefossen thunders down with an enormous power, at the car park.

The Avdalsfossen is the second fall at the beginning of the trail to the Vettisfossen and even so beautiful with a 173 meters free fall. The hike to the Avdalsfossen takes about 20 minutes and is very easy on a path. A litle bit upstream the river Utla there is also a nice/small waterfall called Høljafossen. A shame I missed this one. Looks really nice.

Further on you will find the enormous Vettisfossen with a single drop of 273 meters and is even more powerful then the Avdalsfossen. The name of the waterfall comes from the Vetti farm, which is located near the base of the waterfall. The hike to the Vettisfossen takes about 2 hours. I am afraid our trip took a little bit longer because there wasn’t a road anymore and we had to walk over loose gravel for 300 meters (very dangerous) and at the end we finished at the base of the fall. I have seen many pictures with better viewpoints. For good hiking instructions to the Vettisfossen you better look here.

Nor far away, just before the Vettisfossen there is another waterfall where I know little of, the Stølsmaradalsfossen. There ain’t many photo’s available, but I found this one. The waterfall has a tremendous height of 410 meters, but it looks much higher.

For the real fanatic hikers there is another huge waterfall further on hiking in the valley, the Midtmaradalsfossen , a really nice waterfall over 300 meters high. Not as powerful and impressive as the Vettisfossen but nevertheless good enough to visit next time going there. I think the hike from Vetti takes another two hours????

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About Stolsmaradalsfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionSogn og Fjordane
LocationHjelle-Ovre Årdal/Utladalen
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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