Storefossen (Flam)

Storefossen is an unknown but remarkable waterfall in the south/middle of Norway. The Storefossen is located between the Gudvangatunnelen and the Flenjatunnelen west of Flam, along road E16. Between the two tunnels there is a parkinglot where you will have a good view on the fall.

The river Storefossgrovi thunders down over 80 meters and continues its way until it ends in the Aurlandsfjorden. In potential the waterfall is much higher. If you count in the part where the Storefossen isn’t falling in a single drop the total height is appr. 400 meters.

In the area there are dozens of nice waterfalls to view: Kjelfossen, Brekkefossen, Rjoandefossen, Kjosfossen, Kardalsfossen, Tunnshello, Myrdalsfossen, Sivlefossen, Stalheimsfossen and all the waterfalls in the Naeroyfjorden and Aurlandsfjorden.

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About Storefossen (Flam)

RegionSogn og Fjordane
Height80m +400m
Best visitSummer

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